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In this age where technology plays a dominant role, online dating has gradually become one of the most common as well as efficient way to meet other singles, for people from different backgrounds, with different passions. Of course, bikers are not an exception. However, in spite of the strong intention that numerous singles have-to be a part of online dating, the uneven quality of the online dating platforms makes them step back. In order to find the most reliable online dating website catering exclusively for biker singles, our website has conducted a research on several different aspects including the size data base, the practicability of the features, the success rate of an ideal online date and after sale service.

If ever you have waded into biker dating, it mustn’t be the very first time that you hear about the name BikerPlanet for its growing popularity among the biking community. Being the pioneer in the industry of biker online dating, BikerPlanet has been dedicated to help its members to connect with each other virtually for more than 11 years. On this website, in a total of 7000,000 users have successfully met the significant half. According to the statistics, over half of them are either in a stable and long term relationship or even married. Due to the astonishing as well as remarkable success rate, hundreds of thousands of biker men and women are flocking to Biker Planet on a daily basis, regardless of the sheer volume of member base compromising over 1.3 million registered singles that the website already has, makes BikerPlanet one of the most popular online dating platform for bikers. In another word, on BikerPlanet, the chance for you to meet another quality single has been greatly widened than it is on other similar websites.

Once you made up your mind to give the website a look, you will see that how simple it is for users to navigate on the interface of BikerPlanet. All the features are carefully selected in order to better users’ dating experience. It only takes a few minutes to sign up for BikerPlanet. Once a registered member, you will have access to view other member’s profile. But other features such as sending message is not allowed till your own profile is completed. Unlike other online dating websites where several photos and a lengthy line of self introduction will be all what defines you. On BikerPlanet, while a user creates a profile, a comprehensive questionnaire which covers 90 questions from 5 different aspects is required to complete, which permits singles to get to know each other on a much deeper level. In addition, with a newly advanced and patented match making system along with the massive member base, almost all the members on BikerPlanet have no difficulty to find a another compatible user.

For riders who are still riding alone and wishing to find friends, companions or even true love to share riding experience, passions or joy with, Bikerplanet is one of the best options for you. Click on the link below and with less than 5 minutes of registration process, you will be starting your journey in quest of love! provides bikers with plenty of single Harley riders

During his 115-year history, Harley Davidson motorcycle has attracted thousands of riders from all continents, in our time, more than 600,000 Harley riders from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other European countries have logged in the Harley Dating Site. Being set up in 2001, is the first dating website who dedicates to providing local Harley motorcycle riders and Harley singles who own a Harley bike or are fond of riding Harley Davidson motorcycle the chance to meet and date each other, users of the Harley Dating Site can put their personal information on this site ( profession, education, hometown or even income, what they interested in, what kind of partner they would like to meet, etc), then the system of website will match Harley biker users a proper Harley motorcycle partner, so that they can chat online and date with him or her if they would like to know more with each other, if you don’t like the recommendation of website, by searching bike types you can easily find local biker friends and then you can start meet and date with them.

share good times and make unforgettable memories with those like-minded Harley motorcycle enthusiasts, by the way, there’s no need to worry if the potential biker partner recommended by website is a biker or not, because the website is for bikers only.

Motorcycle users of the Harley Dating Site own their blogs, so Harley biker dudes or motorcycle females can upload their Harley photos and share their moment with Harley motorcycle. You can become a “Certified Harley Rider” by sending your bike driving license to get more attention on the site. Users can also sign up to become Harley motorcycle members of Harley biker clubs, Harley Dating Site provides information of different local clubs and you can apply for one of them online. If you move to another city one day, you can log out your membership online and apply for another one. Harley biker clubs organize now and then biker-meeting activities, sometimes those lucky persons can even get the first prize-a latest Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Through these years, has united a large number of Harley motorcycle enthusiasts, more than 800 Harley biker clubs have been set up in South America, many have found their biker friends on the Harley Dating Site and some even married and built a family with the partner they met online. For the reason why Harley motorcycle enthusiasts choose the Harley Dating Site, most of them said that give them more possibility to explore their own values and to try to purchase their own happiness when living the motorcycle riding lifestyle. Other Harley biker singles said that before become a part of the Harley Dating Site they were not too optimistic, after using the website they have made some friends who have the similar passion for motorcycle riding and the same Harley biker lifestyle, they become more outgoing and feel more happy.

Why not join the Harley Dating Site, thousands of local Harley men or Harley women are here, share your Harley motorcycle back seat is much better than ride alone. Click on and start connecting with single Harley bikers now!

BikerNext helps you find plenty of bikers next door

Harley biker online dating has long been a heated topic among all the Harley biker singles who are determined to find other compatible motorcycle singles who share the same passion for the thrill-seeking motorcycle riding lifestyle. The high efficiency and greatly widened possibility for meeting other like-minded Harley singles have attracted a tremendous amount of Harley motorcycle riding singles to sign up on the number one Harley biker dating site catering exclusively to biker enthusiasts. Since its day of establishment in 2007, Biker Next has successfully set up over 5.6 millions biker females with Harley motorcycle riding dudes with each other and 87.3% of them are now still in a long-lasting and meaningful relationship and 42.3% of them are now happily married.

The high success rate of quality biker dating is definitely a highlight of, which can be mainly attributed to its unique features and massive member base.

Not only does Biker Next has kept all the popular features of all the mainstream motorcycle online dating websites, but also a series of newly invented ones which has greatly optimized the chance for thousands of hundreds of Harley motorcycle riders to find the right Harley motorcycle single. Harley users can search other biker friends by special criteria such as motorcycle type, riding preferences, years of riding experience, distance and recently active members. Moreover, all the biker members can be featured as “Certified Harley Biker” by submitting the picture of their driver’s license, which means a guaranteed multiplied exposure.

When it comes to the highlight of all the unique features on the Harley online dating website, we can’t avoid talking about “Harley Hang Out”, which matches you automatically with nearby compatible Harley motorcycle singles. And you can invite different Harley motorcycle singles to a wide range of activities. For example, a casual coffee meet up, a motorcycle ride on the remote valley or a huge rally consisting of hundreds of professional Harley biker singles. For premium Harley motorcycle singles, is doint its best to optimize their dating experience. They can see other Harley biker enthusiasts who have recently checked their profile, check if their messages have been read or not and have two times as much matches than regular Harley motorcycle users.

Unlike many other social media where it is common to see the personal information get monetized or leaked, on, any form of information leakage is strictly prohibited. Since all the chatting history and personal information are encrypted by SSL, not a single case of information leakage has ever occurred on during the course of 10 years since it’s first founded. In addition, the terms of service on the website is presented in a way which is easy and clear to read.

As long as you are one of the member of the lovely biker community and wish to find a special someone who live the same Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle, is the best starting place to make a positive turn in your life!

BikerOrNot is the No.1 biker social network for bikers

In the age where the world has witnessed a drastic development of technology as well as people’s growing acceptance towards internet, a huge amount of singles are flocking to online dating websites wishing it to be a brand new start for them to conduct an active social life. It is undeniable that online dating, long been considered as a revolutionary way to meet others, has not only improved the efficiency but also widened the possibilities. But as numerous so-called professional online dating website come to the fore overnight with a steady inflow of newly established ones, it can be extremely hard to tell which one suits you best. For biker enthusiasts, whose passion is far form the mainstream, the complicity can be multiplied. However, BikerOrNot has long been regarded as an exception in the field of online dating for bikers for its simplicity, huge member base as well as unique features.

Not only does has all the popular features that other mainstream websites have such as send messages, update status, upload pictures and get matches, it has also created a series unique features tailored specifically for singles who enjoy motorcycle culture. One of the most highly recommended one is what called “hang out with nearby bikers” where you can view users by distance and set up an event by either inviting biker singles that you are interested in or updating your status for a free sign up. You can go from a casual meet up over a drink or go as far as rally where hundreds biker lovers are gathered together!

As an expert match maker for motorcycle riders, Biker Or Not understands exactly what biker singles really need. By requiring each user to fill in a questionnaire consisting of a total of 99 questions covering motorcycling habit, personality, riding experience, religion and personal preference, is dedicated to operate match on a deep level of compatibility. According to registered members of the website, 80% of them think that has an overpowering advantage compared to its competitors when it comes to the chance of getting a compatible match.

9 out of 10 dating websites brag about the tremendous amount of users of their websites, however, the quantity doesn’t speak for its quality for most of times. Not the case for Biker Or Not. Not satisfied with its huge member base including over 2.6 millions biker singles, understands the importance of the quality. Therefore, every biker lover is required to get their identity verified by ID card, and those who also submit the picture of their driving licence can be listed as “certified biker”. In order to prevent robot or fake users from entering the website, users are asked to answer 10 selected questions of basic motorcycling knowledge during the registration process. By sparing no effort to maintain the quality of its members, enjoys a remarkable reputation among all the online dating website for biker lovers.

No matter you are a biker girl or a biker dude, as long as you are passionate about motorcycle culture and eager to find someone to share the joy, BikerOrNot is the perfect choice for you!

Dating a biker girl online now

harley-girl-13Dating a biker girls is not so difficult for you now since you can join our biker dating service online easily.

Well, we’re assuming that you’re the type of person who has an interest in motorcycles. It only makes sense that you would want to hook up with someone with similar interests. Don’t we all? If you’re not a biker, you may still find yourself interested by the culture and the atmosphere of the biker lifestyle. You’re not alone! Many people who aren’t bikers are interested by them. There’s a certain freedom associated with being a biker. A biker can hope on their wheels and just go. They experience the open skies every day. They feel the breeze brushing against their skin, through their hair and into their lungs.

Biker girls are passionate, strong and independent, so they aren’t afraid of getting dirty. They are powerful goddesses in the eyes of most men and most women. If you’re tired of the shy and timid girls you’re used to dating, this is the right choice. A biker girl can and will open your eyes to a whole new world. You’ll experience the same things in a whole new way. You’ll experience the thrill of the ride. Not just on a motorcycle, but the ride we each take through life. Of course, if you don’t own a bike, you might want to look into one! Single biker girls tend to go for biker guys. At the very least, they want someone who can keep up with them. So invest in a motorcycle and the license before riding down the highway of love!

Who wouldn’t want a slice of that type of freedom? But there are other reasons as well, such as:

1. Compassionate

Did you know that bikers, despite the exterior, are actually soft and compassionate people? There are many charity events that bikers will attend, or even host! Along with that, bikers are known for their generous donations to a number of different charities. They are known to be quite the philanthropists!

2. Strong

Real strength isn’t about how much you can weight lift. Real strength comes from showing the right emotion at the right time. With a biker, you they know what they want. They aren’t sensitive to the small things because they know how to properly balance each of their emotions.

3. Independent

One of the best things to look forward to with bikers is that they are independent. They don’t let obstacles slow them down. They push forward and just keep going. They are bold and unwilling to compromise on their values and beliefs.

With a biker, you know they can handle the power between their legs. They can go fast and slow. They know how to take it gentle or to be rough. Plus, protection doesn’t slow them down! They know how to go with the flow. Plus, they enjoy getting a little dirty!

You can find yourself a biker at the Bike Night During The Day at Cruisin alooza this year. It’s held on Sunday, June 30th 2017 at the Broome County Fairgrounds in Whitney Point. We’l see ya there?

Why are so many women riding motorcycle?

41You can look the movie first to understand why men and women ride motorcycle a little bit. Before we talk about the theme, let’s see some statistics data first. The number of female motorcycle riders increased about 66% during last six years. There are about three women rider of ten bikers on the road you can see. As a result, biker women clubs are growing up day and day in the United States. Why do women like riding motorcycle now? When we survey lady riders on the road we got many answers.

“I feel I am the master of the Universe when I am on my Harley boy” Monica said, “I feel a moving bike make me power and independent”.

“Riding motorcycle allow me to have much fun and adventure,” Jessie said. “I love the feeling of open-air riding that car can not offer.”.

We met a group of women riders who answered our question so actively that they supplement many reasons to improve the conclusion. They think riding motorcycle is fun and give them the feeling of freedom on the road, and add them more characters such as independence, pleasant personality, confidence, courage and being proactive. In fact, riding is just about a lifestyle that you and some like-minded people love. For biker women and men, the most different thing about loving to ride motorcycle is that nothing can give you more happiness than a motorcycle.

Another important reason is that motorcycle riders always think they are not riding alone since they belong to a big family. One of the most wonderful biker lifestyles is group riding with friends around you. Bikers riding together have many common topics which they can talk about when they have a rest on the road or in any biker bars. Almost all bikers are a part of a big riding group although they are more independent than average person. With a motorcycle, biker can not only reveal their personal style but also show their personalized bike customized by themselves. In a word, motorcycling is a great prop which can show the personalities of biker girl or motorcycle man.

Of course, some women change their lifestyle for riding a motorcycle just because they feel it is very cool to wear leather and handle a helmet in hand when they join a party. A great-fitting leather can make a woman more sexy than her in other clothes. A biker leather girl can become the focus of much attentions and many guys chasing after her.