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In this age where technology plays a dominant role, online dating has gradually become one of the most common as well as efficient way to meet other singles, for people from different backgrounds, with different passions. Of course, bikers are not an exception. However, in spite of the strong intention that numerous singles have-to be a part of online dating, the uneven quality of the online dating platforms makes them step back. In order to find the most reliable online dating website catering exclusively for biker singles, our website has conducted a research on several different aspects including the size data base, the practicability of the features, the success rate of an ideal online date and after sale service.

If ever you have waded into biker dating, it mustn’t be the very first time that you hear about the name BikerPlanet for its growing popularity among the biking community. Being the pioneer in the industry of biker online dating, BikerPlanet has been dedicated to help its members to connect with each other virtually for more than 11 years. On this website, in a total of 7000,000 users have successfully met the significant half. According to the statistics, over half of them are either in a stable and long term relationship or even married. Due to the astonishing as well as remarkable success rate, hundreds of thousands of biker men and women are flocking to Biker Planet on a daily basis, regardless of the sheer volume of member base compromising over 1.3 million registered singles that the website already has, makes BikerPlanet one of the most popular online dating platform for bikers. In another word, on BikerPlanet, the chance for you to meet another quality single has been greatly widened than it is on other similar websites.

Once you made up your mind to give the website a look, you will see that how simple it is for users to navigate on the interface of BikerPlanet. All the features are carefully selected in order to better users’ dating experience. It only takes a few minutes to sign up for BikerPlanet. Once a registered member, you will have access to view other member’s profile. But other features such as sending message is not allowed till your own profile is completed. Unlike other online dating websites where several photos and a lengthy line of self introduction will be all what defines you. On BikerPlanet, while a user creates a profile, a comprehensive questionnaire which covers 90 questions from 5 different aspects is required to complete, which permits singles to get to know each other on a much deeper level. In addition, with a newly advanced and patented match making system along with the massive member base, almost all the members on BikerPlanet have no difficulty to find a another compatible user.

For riders who are still riding alone and wishing to find friends, companions or even true love to share riding experience, passions or joy with, Bikerplanet is one of the best options for you. Click on the link below and with less than 5 minutes of registration process, you will be starting your journey in quest of love! provides bikers with plenty of single Harley riders

During his 115-year history, Harley Davidson motorcycle has attracted thousands of riders from all continents, in our time, more than 600,000 Harley riders from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other European countries have logged in the Harley Dating Site. Being set up in 2001, is the first dating website who dedicates to providing local Harley motorcycle riders and Harley singles who own a Harley bike or are fond of riding Harley Davidson motorcycle the chance to meet and date each other, users of the Harley Dating Site can put their personal information on this site ( profession, education, hometown or even income, what they interested in, what kind of partner they would like to meet, etc), then the system of website will match Harley biker users a proper Harley motorcycle partner, so that they can chat online and date with him or her if they would like to know more with each other, if you don’t like the recommendation of website, by searching bike types you can easily find local biker friends and then you can start meet and date with them.

share good times and make unforgettable memories with those like-minded Harley motorcycle enthusiasts, by the way, there’s no need to worry if the potential biker partner recommended by website is a biker or not, because the website is for bikers only.

Motorcycle users of the Harley Dating Site own their blogs, so Harley biker dudes or motorcycle females can upload their Harley photos and share their moment with Harley motorcycle. You can become a “Certified Harley Rider” by sending your bike driving license to get more attention on the site. Users can also sign up to become Harley motorcycle members of Harley biker clubs, Harley Dating Site provides information of different local clubs and you can apply for one of them online. If you move to another city one day, you can log out your membership online and apply for another one. Harley biker clubs organize now and then biker-meeting activities, sometimes those lucky persons can even get the first prize-a latest Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Through these years, has united a large number of Harley motorcycle enthusiasts, more than 800 Harley biker clubs have been set up in South America, many have found their biker friends on the Harley Dating Site and some even married and built a family with the partner they met online. For the reason why Harley motorcycle enthusiasts choose the Harley Dating Site, most of them said that give them more possibility to explore their own values and to try to purchase their own happiness when living the motorcycle riding lifestyle. Other Harley biker singles said that before become a part of the Harley Dating Site they were not too optimistic, after using the website they have made some friends who have the similar passion for motorcycle riding and the same Harley biker lifestyle, they become more outgoing and feel more happy.

Why not join the Harley Dating Site, thousands of local Harley men or Harley women are here, share your Harley motorcycle back seat is much better than ride alone. Click on and start connecting with single Harley bikers now!

BikerNext helps you find plenty of bikers next door

Harley biker online dating has long been a heated topic among all the Harley biker singles who are determined to find other compatible motorcycle singles who share the same passion for the thrill-seeking motorcycle riding lifestyle. The high efficiency and greatly widened possibility for meeting other like-minded Harley singles have attracted a tremendous amount of Harley motorcycle riding singles to sign up on the number one Harley biker dating site catering exclusively to biker enthusiasts. Since its day of establishment in 2007, Biker Next has successfully set up over 5.6 millions biker females with Harley motorcycle riding dudes with each other and 87.3% of them are now still in a long-lasting and meaningful relationship and 42.3% of them are now happily married.

The high success rate of quality biker dating is definitely a highlight of, which can be mainly attributed to its unique features and massive member base.

Not only does Biker Next has kept all the popular features of all the mainstream motorcycle online dating websites, but also a series of newly invented ones which has greatly optimized the chance for thousands of hundreds of Harley motorcycle riders to find the right Harley motorcycle single. Harley users can search other biker friends by special criteria such as motorcycle type, riding preferences, years of riding experience, distance and recently active members. Moreover, all the biker members can be featured as “Certified Harley Biker” by submitting the picture of their driver’s license, which means a guaranteed multiplied exposure.

When it comes to the highlight of all the unique features on the Harley online dating website, we can’t avoid talking about “Harley Hang Out”, which matches you automatically with nearby compatible Harley motorcycle singles. And you can invite different Harley motorcycle singles to a wide range of activities. For example, a casual coffee meet up, a motorcycle ride on the remote valley or a huge rally consisting of hundreds of professional Harley biker singles. For premium Harley motorcycle singles, is doint its best to optimize their dating experience. They can see other Harley biker enthusiasts who have recently checked their profile, check if their messages have been read or not and have two times as much matches than regular Harley motorcycle users.

Unlike many other social media where it is common to see the personal information get monetized or leaked, on, any form of information leakage is strictly prohibited. Since all the chatting history and personal information are encrypted by SSL, not a single case of information leakage has ever occurred on during the course of 10 years since it’s first founded. In addition, the terms of service on the website is presented in a way which is easy and clear to read.

As long as you are one of the member of the lovely biker community and wish to find a special someone who live the same Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle, is the best starting place to make a positive turn in your life!

BikerOrNot is the No.1 biker social network for bikers

In the age where the world has witnessed a drastic development of technology as well as people’s growing acceptance towards internet, a huge amount of singles are flocking to online dating websites wishing it to be a brand new start for them to conduct an active social life. It is undeniable that online dating, long been considered as a revolutionary way to meet others, has not only improved the efficiency but also widened the possibilities. But as numerous so-called professional online dating website come to the fore overnight with a steady inflow of newly established ones, it can be extremely hard to tell which one suits you best. For biker enthusiasts, whose passion is far form the mainstream, the complicity can be multiplied. However, BikerOrNot has long been regarded as an exception in the field of online dating for bikers for its simplicity, huge member base as well as unique features.

Not only does has all the popular features that other mainstream websites have such as send messages, update status, upload pictures and get matches, it has also created a series unique features tailored specifically for singles who enjoy motorcycle culture. One of the most highly recommended one is what called “hang out with nearby bikers” where you can view users by distance and set up an event by either inviting biker singles that you are interested in or updating your status for a free sign up. You can go from a casual meet up over a drink or go as far as rally where hundreds biker lovers are gathered together!

As an expert match maker for motorcycle riders, Biker Or Not understands exactly what biker singles really need. By requiring each user to fill in a questionnaire consisting of a total of 99 questions covering motorcycling habit, personality, riding experience, religion and personal preference, is dedicated to operate match on a deep level of compatibility. According to registered members of the website, 80% of them think that has an overpowering advantage compared to its competitors when it comes to the chance of getting a compatible match.

9 out of 10 dating websites brag about the tremendous amount of users of their websites, however, the quantity doesn’t speak for its quality for most of times. Not the case for Biker Or Not. Not satisfied with its huge member base including over 2.6 millions biker singles, understands the importance of the quality. Therefore, every biker lover is required to get their identity verified by ID card, and those who also submit the picture of their driving licence can be listed as “certified biker”. In order to prevent robot or fake users from entering the website, users are asked to answer 10 selected questions of basic motorcycling knowledge during the registration process. By sparing no effort to maintain the quality of its members, enjoys a remarkable reputation among all the online dating website for biker lovers.

No matter you are a biker girl or a biker dude, as long as you are passionate about motorcycle culture and eager to find someone to share the joy, BikerOrNot is the perfect choice for you!

Expert Biker Advice to Understand Your Biker Partner

There’s a reason why mutual understanding is one of the top qualities of a Harley motorcycle rider in a biker relationship for biker girls and biker guy. Aside from the fact that the solid foundation of trust allows your biker women and biker man to be who they want to be without the fear of being judged by the Harley motorcycle rider they met on online biker dating website, it also let you see things from the other perspective from your biker chicks or biker dudes.

If you’re one of the male Harley riders and female Harley riders who struggling to know how to be a more understanding biker boyfriend or biker girlfriend in a relationship for the special motorcycle guy or motorcycle chicks on free motorcycle dating websites, this online biker dating advice will help single Harley riders recognize, appreciate and more importantly, get to know their biker babe more on online Harley dating site.

Without further due, let’s dig into the expert online biker dating tips compiled by David Song, the founder of the largest free find bikers dating website.

Take your time, and don’t rush.
The challenge of trying to understand a motorcycle babe lies in one’s inability to see things with an open spirit: whether to treat your Harley girls or Harley guy as your motorcycle partner or a human being capable of different feelings and emotions. Thus, firstly Harley motorcycle riders need to realize that it’s impossible to truly get to know a motorcycle gentleman or motorcycle ladies in a span of a few days or a few weeks. In most cases, it takes a life-long time to understand a man biker or women biker. That’s why it’s of great importance to be patient and be always willing to get to know the biker partner you want to share the Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle. Remember, it’s a must if you want your relationship with the biker dudes or biker girls to last.

Understand yourself too.
Learning how to understand your motorcycle babe is a key to maintain a long-lasting and healthy relationship. But, at the same time, the relationship between the Harley women and Harley man if you don’t even understand yourself. Dear male Harley riders and female Harley riders, do you exactly know what makes you happy and sad? What’s the boundaries you set for your Harley chicks and Harley dudes in a relationship? And what’s the best kind of relationship for your self-growth when it comes to a motorcycle relationship with your biker ladies or biker gentlemen? According to David Song, it’s strongly recommended to write down all your thoughts as well as answers to the questions, and thus it can be much easier for you to look at your motorcycle women or motorcycle man and understand the real essence of a healthy relationship for Harley motorcycle riders.

Life doesn’t equal relationship.
Being an understanding biker chick or biker dude in a biker dating lifestyle means recognizing that your relationship is not the center of the life. And it goes the same with your biker women or biker man. Prioritize on things that are going to make you grow individually, and you can build a stronger connection gradually with your Harley babe.

All Biker Singles Need to Know About the First Message

In order to know male Harley riders and female Harley riders better, the online biker dating websites have analyzed over 150,000 registered biker girls and biker guys on our online site, And the program looked at keywords and phrases, how different kind of first messages sent by the motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys can get affected reply rates, and any other possible elements that were statistically significant for biker women and biker man looking for the compatible single Harley rider online. According to the result of the survey conducted on the online Harley dating sites, we have compiled a set of online motorcycle dating rules for what you should and shouldn’t say when introducing yourself to your potential motorcycle girlfriend and motorcycle boyfriend. Without further due, let’s have a look together.

Be literate.
Well, a huge number of biker women and biker man might have already overlooked the very first step, also the most vital one. Being literate means don’t send the first message containing netspeak, bad grammar, and wrong spelling, which are huge turn-offs for a majority of motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys. And here are some most common examples: ur, u, wat, wont, lol, wtf and so on. These all make a terrible first impression since you come off as a casual single Harley rider who is not that serious about building a long-term and healthy relationship with a Harley chick or Harley dude. Moreover, avoid slang language because it can be hard to understand for Harley motorcycle riders from a non English-speaking country.

According to the recently conducted survey on the free biker dating sites, a correct first message with a good grammar and a friendly and interesting tone can be a strong deal-breaker for Harley motorcycle riders searching love on free biker dating websites by increasing its response rate by up to 67%. However, the first message containing workaday words and broken grammar have a response rate that’s 34% below average.

Avoid physical compliments
Don’t get me wrong, being physically attractive is an amazing thing and aa great number of motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes appreciate it a lot. However, it is important to realize that the main goal of man biker and women bikers on online motorcycle dating apps is to find a Harley motorcycle rider to share the Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle together. Thus, it can be a bit confusing or even rude for your potential Harley chicks or Harley dudes to get a compliment on their body without even getting to know the single Harley rider at first.

Instead of commenting on the physical traits of the Harley motorcycle rider, online Harley dating experts suggest to give a compliment related to their personality of habit, which can be found in their bio on online motorcycle dating apps. And if everything goes well between you and the Harley chick or Harley dude, there would be plenty of chances for you to tell your Harley women and Harley men how beautiful and sexy they are.

Online Biker Dating Rules Help You Find an Ideal Biker Partner

My worst online Harley dating experience began promisingly. I’d met a biker guy on the online biker dating sites. The biker man was not only good-looking and well-mannered, but also share the same Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle. Let along we had great conversations. Honestly, he was the most perfect Harley motorcycle rider I have ever met. However, the online biker dating experience ended badly because it turned out that he had a wife.

No doubt a huge number of male Harley riders and female Harley riders have had a similar experience before. Having a terrible dating story or even more than one story is definitely not an appealing thing to biker girls and biker guys. Then I started to wonder myself if there are some expert online biker tips that can help motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys to optimize their online motorcycle dating experience. So I began a year-long experiment, researching about the profiles of popular biker chicks and biker dudes on online Harley dating websites. Here are my top online biker dating tips based on my experiment.

Make a checklist.
Figure out what attract you from a single Harley rider. It is time to ask yourself what you are looking for on free motorcycle dating websites? It is time for motorcycle women and motorcycle men who want to conduct an active life to create a shopping list and be as specific as possible. Rather than saying “a Harley motorcycle rider enjoy riding”, add “Harley Davidson bikes” first.

Keep score
Once you’ve come up with all the traits you want in a motorcycle chick or biker dude, prioritize them. Go back to all the characteristics in the previous relationships. The man bikers and women bikers who develop a scoring system for their potential biker girlfriend or biker boyfriend has two times of more chance to find a compatible Harley girls or Harley guy than those who don’t. Decide the lowest number of points you’ll accept from a Harley women or Harley man in order to go out on a date with a Harley motorcycle rider. This is no different from a handcrafted algorithm by yourself.

Start trying
Pick a few famous online motorcycle dating websites to see and try what online biker dating is like and find a online biker dating service that truly suit you. For instance, is a more general environment with huge member base. The motorcycle gentlemen as well as motorcycle ladies who use tend not to be looking for long-term and stable biker relationships. Keep in mind that it is not a bad thing to use two or three sites at a time, what matters is whether you will be able to make the most out of your online motorcycle dating experience. Also, it’s important to bear in mind that it’s better for biker babes to keep the most of features activated, which will certainly boost their dating experience.

Biker Dating Tips that Help You be Charming

Are you looking for motorcycle tips on how to be charming on a date with your male Harley rider or female Harley rider? You are at the right place. Ever since the online Harley dating sites were established, numerous biker girls as well as biker guys have been trying to be more charming on the love-seeking road in order to stand out from the others. And thus, we have invited the expert in biker dating to tell biker women and biker man the professional motorcycle dating tips on how to be more charming.

Be well dressed.
It might seem to be an obvious biker planet dating tip, but a huge number of motorcycle girls as well as motorcycle guys always neglect it. Looking your best by dressing well can always be a plus to the motorcycle girls or motorcycle guy you are dating. However, don’t get me wrong because you don’t have to be interested in fashion to look well. All you need to do is to express yourself with the most suitable clothing you have for the date. Also note that by dressing well, it doesn’t mean that Harley girls and Harley guys need to follow the hottest new style trends. Instead, it’s simply all about a case of finding some simple and casual clothes that makes yourself look attractive. And always keep in mind that being simple is the best in most cases especially if you’re a guy.

Confidence is the key.
If you are one of the biker chicks and biker dudes that struggle to be more attractive. You have probably heard about this piece of advice for hundreds of thousands of times, which is confidence. However, it does take a lot for motorcycle babes as well as biker babes to be truly confident. Hence, for those motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes who are not confident enough, the best way is to fake it, till you make it. According to the result from a scientific study, confidence can be achieved from being comfortable with a right pose that makes you look attractive.

Be vulnerable.
Charming can mean a lot of things to a biker chick or biker dude. Even though you may think that charisma and vulnerability are your weak spot, but in fact, showing your weak side is a brilliant way to charm your man biker or women biker on a date. however, you need to pay attention to which level of vulnerability you can show. Showing a whole lot of vulnerability can terrify your motorcycle man or motorcycle women. Moreover, be vulnerable can also mean being prepared to discuss embarrassing, unexpected or even difficult topics, which display its own kind of confidence and charm. Moreover, it is undoubtedly a great way to make your Harley motorcycle rider feel comfortable. Because sometimes we are tired of listing to hero’s stories, instead, they’ll be much happier when dating a human with all kind of vivid emotions.

Online Dating Tips that Harley Motorcycle Rider Should Follow

Month after month, a huge number of male Harley riders as well as female Harley riders find love on free biker dating websites, however, meanwhile, struggling from constant failures in optimizing the quality of their online dating experience. There are an estimated amount o 2 millions single Harley riders on online Harley dating sites and one out of three encounters various kind of problems when it comes to online motorcycle dating. In order to help biker girls and biker guys maximum their chance of meeting a compatible biker babe or motorcycle babe, a list of must-know biker dating tips have been compiled for your reference.

Choose large and reliable sites
It is preferable to sign on the biker dating sites with a huge traffic compared to the small ones. Because the chance for biker man and biker women to find a compatible motorcycle babe will also be a lot much bigger. Also, large online motorcycle dating sites have more reliable matching system which keeps all the possible fraud and scams outside of the biker dating platform. Online biker dating sites such as, are great for choices.

Set a limit for the messages you send every day.
Ali, online biker dating expert, recommends motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys to send a limited amount of messages per day. Because, he explains, that every Harley motorcycle rider only has a certain amount of time and energy which can be used on online biker dating every day, and sending only a few messages will help you focus on the potential Harley bikers and Harley girls. As a result, your chances of getting a right motorcycle man or motorcycle will be greatly multiplied.

A brief profile and a variety of photos.
This is one of the most mentioned online dating advice for motorcycle women as well as motorcycle men, however, get messed up a lot for some reasons. Always keep in mind that no biker chick or biker dude has time to read a bio with the length of an essay and thus, keep it less than 200-300 words will do in most cases. Compared to profile, uploading a variety of different pictures of yourself is much more significant when it comes to attract more motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes. Pictures that cover different fields that say a lot about your hobbies, lifestyle, personality and passion will be of a great help.

Talk is necessary before meeting.
Even though profiles on biker dating sites can interpret who Harley motorcycle are, personal communication is of vital importance to get to one Harley chick and Harley dude more in terms of personality, characters as well as vibes. Ali says that a brief phone call can be a great tool for biker ladies and biker gentlemen to build a personal connection before they even meet. Consequently, the chances for you to feel awkward when you meet your man biker or women biker in person will be much less.

How to Tell If the Biker girl is the Right One

There are hundreds of decision we make each and every day. But the most important one has gotten to be, not only for single Harley riders, but also for almost everyone, is the intimate relationship that you choose to be in. Because choosing who your male Harley rider or female Harley rider is determines in a large part how your emotions, health as well as all the well beings would be. Now it is time for all the biker man and biker women out there to do themselves a favor by reading the tips below to tell if the motorcycle man or motorcycle women is the right one for you.

You feel comfortable with him or her
“check this biker chick out, she’s amazing” we often hear something like this from our biker friends. But the definition of “amazing” varies from person to person since everyone has a different personality. No matter how amazing your motorcycle friends friends think the Harley man or Harley women is, if you don’t feel at ease with him or her, there is no point.

Your core value align with one another
Since you both like each other that much, it is totally normal to plan something together in the future with your biker guy or biker girls. And it is important to share the same value with your partner if you plan to have a future together. Are you OK with your motorcycle guy or motorcycle girls being dominant in a relationship? Do you plan to have kids? Is it OK if your male Harley rider or female Harley rider to have business trip on a daily basis? Keep in mind that it is of great importance to make sure that you are compatible with your Harley girls or Harley guy whether it is about the Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle, or the major value that cannot be changed by others.

He/She turns you on like crazy.
It is all about attraction between the man biker and the women biker. And if you have ever be in a relationship with someone that really attracts you, you will know what I mean by the power of affection. It is simply amazing to be able to spend the rest of your time with someone who can turn you on without even trying to do anything. According to the research conducted by the largest online biker dating site, biker couples who have a profound level of attraction between each other stands a much bigger chance of a long lasting and meaningful relationship.

You know his/her closest friend.
One of the most convincing trait that your biker babe or biker dude value you is that he or she introduce you to their best friends. By introducing you to their family and friends, you are both making a huge step towards their future.

There are still more biker dating tips that are coming on the way, please keep a close eye on the free Harley dating website.