Welcome to for Love! is built to collect plenty of bikers' photos and profiles in your area for you to hook up with them. As a biker single, you can always see plenty of biker women or men nearby are riding solo on the road, but it's not so easy to say hello when you meet during riding on your way. You may think you will miss a biker lover again when she or he pass close by you without a chance for chat. This site will tell you a great method to meet local biker girls or guys and even those next door. 

You may not know that 84% single motorcycle riders have joined the top three biker dating sites. The statistics is from a report of the leading motorcycle dating site named which is authority enough for you to believe that there is another great way to meet again with the people you ever saw on your moving bike. After being a member of those dating sites online for bikers only, you might be agreeably surprised to find a familiar face in your town.

Biker dating website is not only a matchmaking service for you to find bikers nearby for romance, relationship and even marriage, but also a social network for all male and female motorcycle riders to meet up for discussing motorcycle culture and biker lifestyle. You can exchange riding experiences with all kinds of bikers with all types of motorcycles such as Harley, Ducati, BMW, Suzuki, Appillia, Honda, Triumph, and with those from US, UK, Canada and Australia.

By the way, you can find the top 5 motorcycle dating sites on the biker dating review site There are about 100+ motorcycle dating sites claiming to be the first and biggest dating service online for bikers, but you will ways time and money if you believe in what they show on the home page. Finding the top 3 sites with search engines is not a wise way since you will see many clone sites, so our suggestion for you is dating review sites which are composed by website editors and ranked by real motorcycle users.

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monicahd, Sacramento, CA
Looking for a new biker romance.  I love camping and group riding. Let's ride if you think I'm your girl. I'm not a bike chick,  so please do not email me for casual chat or relationship. Let's ride with your friends first.

sportfgal, Albany, NY
Very out going & love to ride outdoors with motorcycle partners. Hook me up if you are in New York city. I do't date people outside my city.  You can upload a dating app to get instant message from me during riding ...

blueflyer, Austin, TX
I'm living in Texas and want to meet local male bikers for friendship first. I can ride as your passenger if you can take me on your backseat to a local event or rally and introduce me to your group, I'a glad to join your circle.

mikeride, Tallahassee, FL
Just want to date a biker lady in Florida where we can ride out for the first date within two hours of riding. I'm not a outlaw gang so that you can trust me as serious rider. It's better if you own your motorcycle.

racehon, Montgomery, AL
Invite me to ride as long as you are in Alabama, too. I can join any biker event with you for partnership and even dating for romance. I just want to date a biker gal for my backseat is not ready to carry any body...

maxroad, Indianapolis, IN
I'm honest and love the wind in my face when it is season to ride out. There a plenty of beautiful roads in Indiana, we can ride first for buddy ship. I need a riding girlfriend while you are looking for a riding boyfriend.

Why are so many women riding motorcycle?

You can look the movie first to understand why men and women ride motorcycle a little bit. Before we talk about the theme, let’s see some statistics data first. The number of female motorcycle riders increased about 66% during last six years. There are about three women rider of ten bikers on the road you can see. As a result, biker women clubs are growing up day and day in the United States. Why do women like riding motorcycle now? When we survey lady riders on the road we got many answers.

“I feel I am the master of the Universe when I am on my Harley boy” Monica said, “I feel a moving bike make me power and independent”

“Riding motorcycle allow me to have much fun and adventure,” Jessie said. “I love the feeling of open-air riding that car can not offer.”.

We met a group of women riders who answered our question so actively that they supplement many reasons to improve the conclusion. They think riding motorcycle is fun and give them the feeling of freedom on the road, and add them more characters such as independence, pleasant personality, confidence, courage and being proactive. In fact, riding is just about a lifestyle that you and some like-minded people love. For biker women and men, the most different thing about loving to ride motorcycle is that nothing can give you more happiness than a motorcycle.

Another important reason is that motorcycle riders always think they are not riding alone since they belong to a big family. One of the most wonderful biker lifestyles is group riding with friends around you. Bikers riding together have many common topics which they can talk about when they have a rest on the road or in any biker bars. Almost all bikers are a part of a big riding group although they are more independent than average person. With a motorcycle, biker can not only reveal their personal style but also show their personalized bike customized by themselves. In a word, motorcycling is a great prop which can show the personalities of biker girl or motorcycle man.

Of course, some women change their lifestyle for riding a motorcycle just because they feel it is very cool to wear leather and handle a helmet in hand when they join a party. A great-fitting leather can make a woman more sexy than her in other clothes. A biker leather girl can become the focus of much attentions and many guys chasing after her.

Dating a biker girl online now

Dating a biker girls is not so difficult for you now since you can join our biker dating service online easily.

Well, we’re assuming that you’re the type of person who has an interest in motorcycles. It only makes sense that you would want to hook up with someone with similar interests. Don’t we all? If you’re not a biker, you may still find yourself interested by the culture and the atmosphere of the biker lifestyle. You’re not alone! Many people who aren’t bikers are interested by them. There’s a certain freedom associated with being a biker. A biker can hope on their wheels and just go. They experience the open skies every day. They feel the breeze brushing against their skin, through their hair and into their lungs.

Biker girls are passionate, strong and independent, so they aren’t afraid of getting dirty. They are powerful goddesses in the eyes of most men and most women. If you’re tired of the shy and timid girls you’re used to dating, this is the right choice. A biker girl can and will open your eyes to a whole new world. You’ll experience the same things in a whole new way. You’ll experience the thrill of the ride. Not just on a motorcycle, but the ride we each take through life. Of course, if you don’t own a bike, you might want to look into one! Single biker girls tend to go for biker guys. At the very least, they want someone who can keep up with them. So invest in a motorcycle and the license before riding down the highway of love!

Who wouldn’t want a slice of that type of freedom? But there are other reasons as well, such as:

1. Compassionate

Did you know that bikers, despite the exterior, are actually soft and compassionate people? There are many charity events that bikers will attend, or even host! Along with that, bikers are known for their generous donations to a number of different charities. They are known to be quite the philanthropists!

2. Strong

Real strength isn’t about how much you can weight lift. Real strength comes from showing the right emotion at the right time. With a biker, you they know what they want. They aren’t sensitive to the small things because they know how to properly balance each of their emotions.

3. Independent

One of the best things to look forward to with bikers is that they are independent. They don’t let obstacles slow them down. They push forward and just keep going. They are bold and unwilling to compromise on their values and beliefs.

With a biker, you know they can handle the power between their legs. They can go fast and slow. They know how to take it gentle or to be rough. Plus, protection doesn’t slow them down! They know how to go with the flow. Plus, they enjoy getting a little dirty!

You can find yourself a biker at the Bike Night During The Day at Cruisin alooza this year. It’s held on Sunday, June 30th 2017 at the Broome County Fairgrounds in Whitney Point. We’l see ya there?

Why you should date a biker man or biker woman

Dating someone who has a niche hobby such as Harley motorcycle riding will probably sound a little bit intimidating at first. But he more you get to know the Harley motorcycle riders, the more you will be intrigued by their lovely Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle. For those who are still wondering if they should sign up on a free biker dating site and start their journey of love seeking, here are 5 well known reasons why you should date a biker women or biker men.

They are dedicated.

Riding a Harley Davidson bike is much more than a simply hobby, it is passion and a way of living. Maybe for most of us the first impression about male Harley riders and female Harley riders is an athletic figure in a leather jacket while zooming away from your sight of view in 0,1 second. It is not about your biased stereotype of being reckless, instead, it takes a tremendous amount of time and energy to be a great motorcycle man and motorcycle women. And this kind of dedication as well as determination will be reflected on other aspects of life too. Having a Harley dating with a Harley man or a Harley woman in your life means that someone will always get your back whenever you encounter a hurdle or difficulty in your life.

They observe.

Being a motorcyclist requires a lot of observation of small things in life. It might seems to be a little bit contradictory but biker girls and biker guys are normally much more observant than most of us who don’t ride motorcycle. Because only being careful and observant will assure the safety an activity on a high rick level. Once you find your motorcycle girls or motorcycle guy, you will be amazed by how careful they are in a detailed way: they will definitely look both sides before crossing the road; they will do pre-flight safety checks before the trip; the chance of them missing the smallest item is rare.

They are adaptable.

Aside from being adventurous, attractive and a bit reckless sometimes, what else do you know about them? After years of experience of chasing sunset, visiting waterfalls as well as exploring the dangerous spots in the world, biker babes and biker dudes have already become pretty adaptable and are capable of dealing with multiple situations. If your flight ticket got canceled the last minute before your long time desired trip? Don’t worry, your man biker or women biker will always find a way to cope it.

They understand the importance of privacy.

The last thing we want in a relationship is the non stopping messages questioning where we are every minute. However, if you are dating a motorcycle babes or motorcycle dude, things will be much more different. They are considered as one of the most independent type of all. Your private space will be highly respected having a Harley guy or Harley girls in life.

True Love Stories of Harley Motorcycle Riders

There are a slew amount of biker dating tips on different kinds of online Harley dating websites to help male Harley riders and female Harley rider to conduct an active social life. However, after reading so much motorcycle dating tips, some biker girls and biker guys still have problems when approaching another biker woman or biker man that they are interested in. Thus, 5 most popular free biker dating websites decided to team up and give a huge number of registered motorcycle lovers some expert biker dating tips about true love stories.

Here are 3 different motorcycle women and motorcycle man to talk about their online dating experience.

David: I have been a fan of Harley David motorcycle and Harley motorcycle lifestyle for a long time, and I have dated a few women who are not interested in motorcycles at all. In the end, I decided to date someone who I have a common ground with and that was when I signed up on online biker dating websites. Firstly I had no skill at all when talking to biker chicks through instant message, which got me so frustrated. After talking to a few expert and relationship consultant on, I adopted a few essential biker dating rules and developed my communicating skills. That’s how I attracted the eyes of my wife of four years now. and we always go for rides on giant bikes on remote valleys together, which is the highlight of my relationship.

Alice: When I got thirty, I wanted to settle down, that’s they I signed up on a biker dating websites designed for Harley girls and Harley guys who want to also get married. And things went on pretty smooth. I married a motorcycle dude who can enjoy the Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle with me after three months. To all the Harley women and Harley man, it is of great importance to find a online biker dating sites which meet the needs of different individuals.

Lorrence: I am still looking for my Mr. right on biker dating website, and I think I am pretty close to where I want to get. I have been talking to this guy biker dude named Zac for two months and we finally decided to meet each other over a cup of coffee tonight. You are asking me How to maintain the spark over merely conversation? The trick is actually not as complicated as you might think. First of all, make sure both of you are taking control of the conversation. Because it is of great necessity to maintain the positive and open attitude while engaging in an activity. Secondly, ask questions with logic which will push your biker dudes and biker chicks to think and get to know you. Last but certainly not least, be yourself, because there is no use wasting your time to talk with someone who doesn’t appreciate you for being you.

There are more content about biker’s true love story coming up!

Ways to Get over Jealousy and Save Relationship with Your Harley Motorcycle Rider

There are a huge mount of problems that male Harley riders and female Harley riders who are in a relationship can encounter. And one of the most common one is of course jealousy which has been considered as the NO.2 cause of breakups among a tremendous amount of biker girls and biker guys, just behind the NO.1 causes which is cheating. And today we are going to tell biker women and biker men how to get over jealousy and hopefully, save your relationship with the special Harley motorcycle rider you are seeing. After all, it is very lucky to find a biker partner on a biker dating site.

Know when you are getting jealous.

There are lots of the times when single Harley riders feel jealous, but we are not conscious of it all the time. The typical reaction of getting a bit too jealous is when motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys start a little arguments or say passive and aggressive things trying to hurt their biker partner rather than objectively talking about what’s actually bothering them. When you are contacting with your potential partners on Harley dating site, you should realize this. Personally speaking, when I get jealousy unconsciously, I would say salty things a lot to my biker babe who also loves the Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle. However, if motorcycle women and motorcycle man can acknowledge what they are feeling right now, it can be much more different and as a result, save your potential relationship with your motorcycle babe.

Try to look at your relationship from another perspective.

Imagine if you were one of your friends and you heard about your situation with the Harley girls or Harley guys you are in a relationship with, how would you react to it? Would you be fine with it, or would you think it sounded total twisted and probably need some professional help to fix it? Expert who has been studying the attraction law between biker chicks and biker dudes suggests that motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes should put some more distance between you and your relationship with the man biker or women biker when there is a problem need to be solved, which will always help Harley chicks and Harley dudes to see it more clearly and will potentially stop them from having a plate-throwing fight over jealousy in public all of a sudden.

Focus on the shiny qualities that your relationship has.

So imagine this scenario where your biker boyfriend or biker girlfriend flirting with one of their close friends who also enjoys riding Harley Davidson bikes, at least t was what you thought it was. OK. It is important to keep in mind that you and your biker babes have an entire history between you two and a perfect intimacy. Every single Harley rider flirts, however, as long as they don’t cross the boundary, they deserve another chance. And some Harley women and Harley man do it sometimes without even realizing of it. And it doesn’t always mean that your motorcycle partner want to act on it and want to do something that he or she will regret later.

Lies that Biker Women Tell All the Time

It is a universally acknowledged fact the trust is the most significant foundation between a biker man and a biker women. And I get it, it is cruel to break to the biker guy the fact that your biker girls do lie, in certain occasions. Motorcycle man might start questioning themselves because after all the efforts they’ve made, why would their precious motorcycle women still lie? After reading this biker dating tip written by the relationship counselor of Harley dating sites, Harley man will have a deeper understanding of their relationship as well as their biker babes.

There are times when the biker girls are telling some harmless white lies to protect the relationship from falling, or hiding sometime at her own interest. No matter what the case is, knowing the most frequently occurred lies will teaches motorcycle guy how to handle the relationship better.

The first one might sound pretty cliche, but it’s true-I’m not mad at you. As a Harley guy who has only been on the free biker dating site for less than a month, this little cute lie might easily get them. But for the rest, it’s the typical lie that every Harley girls might tell in a relationship. Even though most of biker dudes can easily tell this lie, there are still a few things you need to know. Motorcycle babies use this line to defend themselves emotionally while also showing her being independent. The fact that the motorcycle ladies chose not to admit she’s mad by this relatively minor incident shows, opposite from the seemingly cold surface, that she actually care a lot about you and the relationship.

Sometimes your biker girlfriend might act like the coolest female motorcycle rider in the world by saying “only if you come back by tomorrow, I don’t mind if you are going out with other single Harley riders.” if for one second you feel too good to be true, then trust your gut, your women biker is telling a lie. Even when your motorcycle ladies says yes to your boy’s night out, keep in mind that she’s probably having a hard time processing the fact that she’s not as important as your biker buddies. This kind of lie always reveals the insecurity of your motorcycle girlfriend.

The last part comes to the most heart breaking one- “I’m not ready for a biker boyfriend” Don’t be fooled by this seemingly true statement. In most of cases, it is a subtle rejection from Harley women. If the women Harley rider is interested in you, she will be available for a motorcycle relationship in no time. This lie can also be applied to other statement such as “I enjoy riding motorcycle with you, but not a relationship”. Be smart and don’t wait for some biker chick like a fool when she’s clearly not up for a romantic story with you.

Welcome to for Love! is built to collect plenty of bikers' photos and profiles in your area for yo...