All Biker Singles Need to Know About the First Message

In order to know male Harley riders and female Harley riders better, the online biker dating websites have analyzed over 150,000 registered biker girls and biker guys on our online site, And the program looked at keywords and phrases, how different kind of first messages sent by the motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys can get affected reply rates, and any other possible elements that were statistically significant for biker women and biker man looking for the compatible single Harley rider online. According to the result of the survey conducted on the online Harley dating sites, we have compiled a set of online motorcycle dating rules for what you should and shouldn’t say when introducing yourself to your potential motorcycle girlfriend and motorcycle boyfriend. Without further due, let’s have a look together.

Be literate.

Well, a huge number of biker women and biker man might have already overlooked the very first step, also the most vital one. Being literate means don’t send the first message containing netspeak, bad grammar, and wrong spelling, which are huge turn-offs for a majority of motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys. And here are some most common examples: ur, u, wat, wont, lol, wtf and so on. These all make a terrible first impression since you come off as a casual single Harley rider who is not that serious about building a long-term and healthy relationship with a Harley chick or Harley dude. Moreover, avoid slang language because it can be hard to understand for Harley motorcycle riders from a non English-speaking country.

According to the recently conducted survey on the free biker dating sites, a correct first message with a good grammar and a friendly and interesting tone can be a strong deal-breaker for Harley motorcycle riders searching love on free biker dating websites by increasing its response rate by up to 67%. However, the first message containing workaday words and broken grammar have a response rate that’s 34% below average.

Avoid physical compliments

Don’t get me wrong, being physically attractive is an amazing thing and aa great number of motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes appreciate it a lot. However, it is important to realize that the main goal of man biker and women bikers on online motorcycle dating apps is to find a Harley motorcycle rider to share the Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle together. Thus, it can be a bit confusing or even rude for your potential Harley chicks or Harley dudes to get a compliment on their body without even getting to know the single Harley rider at first.

Instead of commenting on the physical traits of the Harley motorcycle rider, online Harley dating experts suggest to give a compliment related to their personality of habit, which can be found in their bio on online motorcycle dating apps. And if everything goes well between you and the Harley chick or Harley dude, there would be plenty of chances for you to tell your Harley women and Harley men how beautiful and sexy they are.

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