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Harley biker online dating has long been a heated topic among all the Harley biker singles who are determined to find other compatible motorcycle singles who share the same passion for the thrill-seeking motorcycle riding lifestyle. The high efficiency and greatly widened possibility for meeting other like-minded Harley singles have attracted a tremendous amount of Harley motorcycle riding singles to sign up on the number one Harley biker dating site catering exclusively to biker enthusiasts. Since its day of establishment in 2007, Biker Next has successfully set up over 5.6 millions biker females with Harley motorcycle riding dudes with each other and 87.3% of them are now still in a long-lasting and meaningful relationship and 42.3% of them are now happily married.

The high success rate of quality biker dating is definitely a highlight of, which can be mainly attributed to its unique features and massive member base.

Not only does Biker Next has kept all the popular features of all the mainstream motorcycle online dating websites, but also a series of newly invented ones which has greatly optimized the chance for thousands of hundreds of Harley motorcycle riders to find the right Harley motorcycle single. Harley users can search other biker friends by special criteria such as motorcycle type, riding preferences, years of riding experience, distance and recently active members. Moreover, all the biker members can be featured as “Certified Harley Biker” by submitting the picture of their driver’s license, which means a guaranteed multiplied exposure.

When it comes to the highlight of all the unique features on the Harley online dating website, we can’t avoid talking about “Harley Hang Out”, which matches you automatically with nearby compatible Harley motorcycle singles. And you can invite different Harley motorcycle singles to a wide range of activities. For example, a casual coffee meet up, a motorcycle ride on the remote valley or a huge rally consisting of hundreds of professional Harley biker singles. For premium Harley motorcycle singles, is doint its best to optimize their dating experience. They can see other Harley biker enthusiasts who have recently checked their profile, check if their messages have been read or not and have two times as much matches than regular Harley motorcycle users.

Unlike many other social media where it is common to see the personal information get monetized or leaked, on, any form of information leakage is strictly prohibited. Since all the chatting history and personal information are encrypted by SSL, not a single case of information leakage has ever occurred on during the course of 10 years since it’s first founded. In addition, the terms of service on the website is presented in a way which is easy and clear to read.

As long as you are one of the member of the lovely biker community and wish to find a special someone who live the same Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle, is the best starting place to make a positive turn in your life!

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