Lies that Biker Women Tell All the Time

It is a universally acknowledged fact the trust is the most significant foundation between a biker man and a biker women. And I get it, it is cruel to break to the biker guy the fact that your biker girls do lie, in certain occasions. Motorcycle man might start questioning themselves because after all the efforts they’ve made, why would their precious motorcycle women still lie? After reading this biker dating tip written by the relationship counselor of Harley dating sites, Harley man will have a deeper understanding of their relationship as well as their biker babes.

There are times when the biker girls are telling some harmless white lies to protect the relationship from falling, or hiding sometime at her own interest. No matter what the case is, knowing the most frequently occurred lies will teaches motorcycle guy how to handle the relationship better.

The first one might sound pretty cliche, but it’s true-I’m not mad at you. As a Harley guy who has only been on the free biker dating site for less than a month, this little cute lie might easily get them. But for the rest, it’s the typical lie that every Harley girls might tell in a relationship. Even though most of biker dudes can easily tell this lie, there are still a few things you need to know. Motorcycle babies use this line to defend themselves emotionally while also showing her being independent. The fact that the motorcycle ladies chose not to admit she’s mad by this relatively minor incident shows, opposite from the seemingly cold surface, that she actually care a lot about you and the relationship.

Sometimes your biker girlfriend might act like the coolest female motorcycle rider in the world by saying “only if you come back by tomorrow, I don’t mind if you are going out with other single Harley riders.” if for one second you feel too good to be true, then trust your gut, your women biker is telling a lie. Even when your motorcycle ladies says yes to your boy’s night out, keep in mind that she’s probably having a hard time processing the fact that she’s not as important as your biker buddies. This kind of lie always reveals the insecurity of your motorcycle girlfriend.

The last part comes to the most heart breaking one- “I’m not ready for a biker boyfriend” Don’t be fooled by this seemingly true statement. In most of cases, it is a subtle rejection from Harley women. If the women Harley rider is interested in you, she will be available for a motorcycle relationship in no time. This lie can also be applied to other statement such as “I enjoy riding motorcycle with you, but not a relationship”. Be smart and don’t wait for some biker chick like a fool when she’s clearly not up for a romantic story with you.

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