Why are so many women riding motorcycle?

You can look the movie first to understand why men and women ride motorcycle a little bit. Before we talk about the theme, let’s see some statistics data first. The number of female motorcycle riders increased about 66% during last six years. There are about three women rider of ten bikers on the road you can see. As a result, biker women clubs are growing up day and day in the United States. Why do women like riding motorcycle now? When we survey lady riders on the road we got many answers.

“I feel I am the master of the Universe when I am on my Harley boy” Monica said, “I feel a moving bike make me power and independent”

“Riding motorcycle allow me to have much fun and adventure,” Jessie said. “I love the feeling of open-air riding that car can not offer.”.

We met a group of women riders who answered our question so actively that they supplement many reasons to improve the conclusion. They think riding motorcycle is fun and give them the feeling of freedom on the road, and add them more characters such as independence, pleasant personality, confidence, courage and being proactive. In fact, riding is just about a lifestyle that you and some like-minded people love. For biker women and men, the most different thing about loving to ride motorcycle is that nothing can give you more happiness than a motorcycle.

Another important reason is that motorcycle riders always think they are not riding alone since they belong to a big family. One of the most wonderful biker lifestyles is group riding with friends around you. Bikers riding together have many common topics which they can talk about when they have a rest on the road or in any biker bars. Almost all bikers are a part of a big riding group although they are more independent than average person. With a motorcycle, biker can not only reveal their personal style but also show their personalized bike customized by themselves. In a word, motorcycling is a great prop which can show the personalities of biker girl or motorcycle man.

Of course, some women change their lifestyle for riding a motorcycle just because they feel it is very cool to wear leather and handle a helmet in hand when they join a party. A great-fitting leather can make a woman more sexy than her in other clothes. A biker leather girl can become the focus of much attentions and many guys chasing after her.


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